After coming into Sidney in Exergy, we went to the hardwares store, worked on the boat, and just enjoyed the cool Port Sidney Marina.  Had a good walk along waterfront, and went to dinner on one of our favorite waterfront restaurants—“The Inn.”  I had a great conversation outside the restaurant with a lady with a walker.  She had a bottle-holder on her walker for a water bottle.  I told her to put gin in it, and nobody would know.  With a twinkle in her eye, she said “good idea” and refused to tell her husband the plan.  It was a high point.

After dinner, the major “Dinner on the Rouge” was in full swing, with outstanding people watching.  Everybody dressed up in white and red for Canada Day.  Dance contest, best-dressed, etc.  Pretty cool—see pictures.

In the morning, we walked, had breakfast, and did chores.  Then we unlimbered the bikes and headed for the marine hardware store a couple of miles north.  Bought some parts for the BBQ, a crab trap, and a few other boat things.  It all fit on the bikes, and we came on back to the boat.  Then, after lunch, we did a major shopping trip to get ready for Ian, and then later, Levi.  We could barely carry it all down to the boat.

After that, we went to the airport in a taxi to meet Ian, who had been traveling up to meet us all day.  His sister and Bailie took him to the airport, and his friends met him there to see him off—pretty cool!  They were delayed some, but he showed up in Sidney more-or-less on time—international travel one day after driving himself home from Mt. Hood ski racing camp—not a bad life for a 17 year old!   See picture of Ian with the Canadian flag his Dad had for the meet.

Then Ian and I did more chores, and then to dinner.  We ranked colleges in all sorts of ways, with MSU and OSU topping the list, not shockingly.  A good day, good night.  Very good to give Ian a rest from his brutal school year with Mono, pneumonia, and concussion.

Off to Ganges in the morning.

Rod and Lori, and now Ian

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