As promised, we all climbed the trail behind Rosario up to Cascade Lake.  Then, at our respective speeds, all four of us did the Cascades Lake Loop Trail.  It’s a classic.  500+ vertical, followed by a 3 mile loop.  Really pretty.
Once we completed that, ate breakfast, and showered, we all went in the taxi (Doug) to EastSound to have lunch and find the Catholic Church for Levi.  We ate at a great restaurant, Madronna, that overlooks East Sound.  Really spectacular.  While were were there, we talked to Mary, who, with C.J., was getting Bailie to start drinking fluids so they’d let her out of the hospital.  (She did, later, get discharged and sent home—happy day.  She’s doing well now.
We found a fairy and a bracelet for Bailie, and a great hat for Lori.  Levi found the church.
On the way back to the boat, Doug the tour guide gave us a ride past the north shore viewpoint where we could very clearly see Sucia.  We’ll be at Sucia later in July when we bring our Bozeman friends Joe and Sara on a tour of the San Juans and Southern Gulf Islands on Exergy.
Best boat name of the trip “Grace”, my maternal grandmother’s name.
Levi worked on his Eagle in the bar/cafe at the Rosario Marina.
Once back, and after a few small projects, our friend JoAn Mann showed up for dinner with us (with her friend from Tacoma, Jim.)  We had a long, very cool dinner in the spectacular Rosario Hotel with a view of the Southern San Juans.  I could see the smooth streaks on the water that I am researching as part of the talk on “Patterns in Nature” I’m putting together.  All very cool.
Great friends, great company, and great food.  A good evening.
The next morning, Lori and I went back up to Cascade Lake for a shorter run, then back to the boat to prepare for departure.  We left the Marina without incident, fueled up Energy, and took off for home port—Anacortes.  On the way, we shook out the big Code 0 sail.  It went well—Ian was able to easily pull it out and pull it back in.  Should work better and better as it wears in. 
We went through Obstruction Pass, across Rosario Strait, north of Cypress and Guemes Islands and on into Anacortes.  A good passage.  
We came into the marina without incident, except for some idiots who had anchored for the night right in the narrow, dredged channel into the Harbor (go figure).  As we came into the faraway (area between docks) and approached our slip, I maneuvered Exergy so as to back her into the slip.  Somebody had anchored a little trimaran on the fuel dock right in the way, so it was really tight.  The gallant crew of Exergy got it done, and she’s right the way backed into the slip. 

Ian and Levi cleaned-up the boat, Lori did the laundry at the laundry mat, and Rod went to

West Marine to find the stuff we had on our list of “needs and wants” from this extended trip.  

Finally, cocktail hour on the rooftop bar of the Majestic Hotel, with Taylor as our outstanding waitress.  Awesome views, including Rosario Passage, Guemes, Thatcher Pass, and the oil refinery, which the Chemical Engineering couple, Rod and Lori particularly enjoyed.  Dinner at Secret Cove (the red restaurant on Guemes Channel) with Mia as our hostess—she’s off to school in Bellingham after working 60 hour weeks in all summer to earn the money.
Today, the fourth of July, we ran down to Cap Sante Marina and back, made breakfast, and packed up.  As we got in the car, the F-18 flyover happend right over the marina—timed for the Anacortes 4th of July parade.
Then we were all off to the ferry to go spend the fourth with Aunt Vicki, Uncle Rick, Leah, and her new boyfriend.  It’s an experience to see the passage over to Friday Harbor from the perspective of the ferry instead of the Exergy.  I talked to the Captain about being in the fog and got some good advice from him.
More later on our last day or two in the San Juans.
Lori, Ian, Levi, and Rod

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