“The truth is that I never gave much thought about being a great leader or managing an organization until I was already in the deep end. I always just thought technical excellence would carry me through….how wrong I was!
Rod’s class is an eye opener for anyone who is trying to lead an organization, however large or small it may be. Rod did an excellent job of distilling the complex, and sometimes controversial, literature on leadership into the essentials that carried him through both good times and bad as CEO of a pharmaceutical technology company.
These concepts are presented in such a way that anyone, including myself, can start using them the next day at work.
Moreover, I found that a lot of what was presented in the class concerning emotional intelligence and vision can be applied in my personal life as well. This may sound corny, but I mean it. You can tell that an educational experience was impactful when you start using what you learned without even realizing it.”

-2016 Principles of Leadership class participant

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